How do I invest?

The Fund is addressed to all natural or legal persons. Purchase and sale transactions in relation to this Fund are performed on Bucharest Stock Exchange via any authorized broker.

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ETF Energie Patria-Tradeville

ETF Energie Patria – Tradeville Fund is listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange.

SSIF Tradeville

You should read carefully the Fund’s Prospectus. To invest in the Fund you need to contact a BSE authorized intermediary - SSIF Tradeville or any other authorized broker (full list here). Fund’s trading symbol on the BSE is PTENGTF.

After opening the investment account, buying and selling fund units is simple and fast, similar to trading shares on the stock exchange. As this fund is listed, the purchase and sale of fund units cannot be performed via Patria Bank network, as in the case of the other funds managed by SAI Patria Asset Management, but only via an intermediary authorized to trade on the stock exchange. Institutional investors may purchase fund units also by means of a subscription with the SAI, via an Authorized Participant. For additional information, contact us.