ETF Energie Patria-Tradeville is an Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange. The Fund is addressed to investors willing to benefit from the performance and growth of the shares belonging to the most important energy and related utilities companies listed on the stock exchange.

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ETF Energie Patria – Tradeville aims to replicate the evolution and performance of BET-NG sectorial index of Bucharest Stock Exchange for the energy industry. It includes the most important private or state-owned energy and related utilities listed companies. The Fund is listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange and traded under the symbol PTENGETF.

Willing investors may invest in the Fund easily and fast via SSIF Tradeville (www.tradeville.ro) or any intermediary authorized to trade on Bucharest Stock Exchange (full list here).

Thus, with a smaller or larger amount, any investor may rapidly purchase and indirectly hold a diversified basket of shares belonging to energy companies, a strategic industry for the economy, gaining benefits from their growth and performance. Additional information on BET-NG index is available on BSE website, here.

What is an Exchange Traded Fund?

Exchange Traded Funds are open-end investment funds that, in accordance with local laws, aim to replicate the structure and performance of a given index as accurately as possible. The gap between the fund unit price on the stock exchange and the NAV is much lower than in case of other closed-end funds, which is due both to the presence of a market-maker (SSIF Tradeville), as well as to the special subscription and repurchase mechanism. Fund’s trading symbol on the stock exchange is PTENGETF.

ETFs advantages

  • ETFs are modern instruments that allow the replication of the average performance of a stock exchange market or some of its segments.
  • The two ETFs managed by SAI Patria offer indirect exposure to the performance and growth of the most important companies listed on BSE.
  • Simple investment process, time saving and low effort made to benefit from stock exchange performance.
  • Liquidity and immediate access to cash due to BSE listing and using a market-maker. Thus, fund units may be purchased and sold on the stock exchange via any intermediary authorized to trade on BSE.
  • Risk reduction due to diversification, as compared to investments in individual issuers.
  • The policy of the two ETFs managed by SAI Patria Asset Management is to reinvest the dividends received from portfolio companies (leading to additional performance for investors).
  • The two ETFs allow very low investments, equivalent to a single fund unit.
  • Safety – the shares held by the two funds are safely kept by their depositary, BRD – Groupe Societe Generale.

What is BET-NG index?

BET-NG is an index developed by Bucharest Stock Exchange and the reference index of the local capital market for energy and related utilities sector. BET-NG is calculated as a weighted average of the prices of its constituent shares and reflects the evolution of the most traded companies of this sector on the regulated market operated by the BSE. BET-NG is a free float market capitalization weighted index. The index’s constituent companies and structure are reviewed quarterly and whenever necessary by BSE Index Commission.

BET index, used as underlying asset by ETF Energie Patria-Tradeville, is a share index calculated and published by Bucharest Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to as BSE), and the name of BET-NG index is protected as BSE registered trademark. The description, rules and current structure of BET-NG Index are available online on https://www.bvb.ro. The Issuer was granted a non-exclusive license to use BET-NG index to create financial products based on a license agreement concluded with Bucharest Stock Exchange.

Read more about the structure and performance of BET-NG index.

Other information

ETF Energie Patria – Tradeville Fund is managed by SAI Tradeville. SAI Patria Asset Management is the Fund’s manager and SSIF Tradeville is an authorized participant in relation to the Fund.

The Fund has been authorized by FSA by authorization no. 2 / 12.02.2023 and is registered in FSA register under no. CSC06FDIR/400128. Fund’s depositary is BRD – Groupe Societe Generale.